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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am jailbroken - Now what?!

So if you recently decided to jailbreak your idevice, you must be wondering "now what?!"

Well, on this blog you will find tutorials that will help you make the best of your iphone or ipod touch. The tutorials you will be watching will show you tweaks like Graviboard that add the effect of gravity into your idevice. Unfortunately, i will not be showing you how to jailbreak your device, instead I will show you what you can do to take advantage your already jailbroken itouch or iphone.
*Depending on what firmware you are on some tweaks might not work on your itouch/iphone.

First of all here is a list of must have programs and tweaks:
(click on the name to see tutorial)
1.  Winterboard(tutorial to be completed)- with winterboard you take control of your themes as well as lockscreen.

2.  Installous - with Installous you can download free apps to your iDevice.

3. Lockdown pro - With lockdown pro you can password protect your itouch or iphone. This tweak lets you decide what apps you want locked and which one you don't.
Lockdown pro

4. textfree with voice - with this app you can make FREE phone calls from your itouch/iphone as well as sending unlimited text messages.

5. Barrel - with this tweak you can create  3D effect on your icon pages(springboard). You can select from 5 different effects!

6. Graviboard - with this tweak you can add the effect of gravity into your idevice. When activated your icons will fall according to what side it is on.

7. Gridlock - with gridlock you can place your icons anywhere in your pages(springboard) without the use of hidden icons and other messy work.

other tweaks and apps to come......

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