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Monday, October 17, 2011

iOS 5 - 4 Hidden New Features

1. Create Albums
   Something that seemed very obvious but was missing in previous versions of Apples operating systems was the ability to create albums in your photos app. iOS 5 gives you that great advantage! Now you can keep your pictures, videos, and memories organized!

To create an album, simply go to your photos app and select edit.

Then select add.

Now name your album!

2. Custom vibrations
    Another cool and very useful hidden feature in iOS 5 is customizing your own vibrations. This feature is not only very cool for those who like to customize their ringtones but also very useful for those with hearing disabilities. You heard right. Custom Vibrations. Don't believe me? then go ahead and check it out!

To customize your own vibration go to Settings, General, Accessibility 
and turn on Custom Vibrations

Now go back to settings and select sounds

Slide to the bottom and select Vibration Patterns

Then Create new Vibration!

3. New Notification System with weather and Stock market display
     This new notification system improves your iPhone's ability to deliver your notifications quickly and without getting on your way! It also provides you with a fast access to current weather conditions as well as stock market updates!
    To check out your new notification system Hold the status bar and slide downward!

4. LED Flash Alerts
    That's right! Another awesome feature that provides you with full use of your flash light! This feature(like #2) is not only super cool but also very helpful to those with disabilities.
    To enable your LED flash Alerts go to Setting, General, Accessibility and scroll to LED Flash for Alerts!

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