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Thursday, January 31, 2013

iPhone 5 Jailbreak - Sunday Funday!

After months of hard work a well known member of the jailbreaking community @MuscleNerd has confirmed that there will be a 6.1 jailbreak released in the next few days. According to his tweet, it is likely that the jailbreak will be released on Sunday February 3rd.

Just days before @MuscleNerd's tweet, @pod2g identified the members working on the jailbreak and said they were calling themselves the @evad3rs. A group which includes @planetbeing, a member of the team who, as we might remember, has been working on a jailbreak and had previously stated the possibility of a jailbreak being released.

With these news, many have prepared themselves for the public release of the 6.1 jailbreak entitled evasi0n, which is expected to come this Superbowl weekend (2/3/13) but with final beta testing and completion of the jailbreak, @pod2g notes, in a tweet earlier today, that the jailbreak might be released before or after this weekend. 

Either way, thousands of followers (including me) have followed @evad3rs in hopes of getting their hands on evasi0n, the jailbreak which will be supporting most devices on iOS 6 and 6.1!

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