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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

iOS 6 - Update! or wait?

Today Apple released its new ios 6.0 firmware for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Now the question lingering on the mind of many is whether to upgrade their iDevices to ios 6 and enjoy the new features or wait until an untethered jailbreak becomes available.

Update! Or Wait? 

If you have the iPhone 4s or the new iPad (iPad 3) you will not be able to jailbreak your iDevice at this moment in ios 6. We recommend that you keep your iDevice in 5.1.1 if you have the jailbreak already and enjoy it until a jailbreak is confirmed and released. If you, however, don't care about the jailbreak feel free to update!

For those with an iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, iPod touch 4th and the iPad 2 you can upgrade to ios 6 and enjoy a tethered jailbreak. While it sounds appealing, we must note that not all Cydia apps/tweaks are compatible with the update:
Bookmark the link above to be updated with the apps that are compatible with ios6. 
Also, if you're not familiar with SSH and commands it is recommended that you wait.
The iPhone-Dev-Team has also recommended that all users stay in ios 5.1.1 at the moment and to save their 5.1.1 blobs (how to? Click here). It is likely that in the following days and weeks, news on Cydia and the untethered jailbreak of ios 6 will be released. Feel free to follow @saurik to be updated with news about Cydia and the iPhone-Dev-Team for jailbreak updates as well as tips!

Lastly, be patient! 

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